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World Rum Day

Here at Mixology Group HQ we are very lucky to have large array of Rums, Rhum, Cachaca and Ron for our students to try and of course experiment with. We have always been massive fans of Cane derived products and over the years have seen a whole slew of different products hitting the shelves from the phenomenon that was the spiced rum craze to the increase accessibility of rums from far flung places.

So saying that we thought we would put together a little list of some our favorites and our students favorites over the last couple of years. Some brands will of course always stand out due to price point and market share however we feel that the spotlight should be moved to take into account some of the other rums that are available on the UK market.

So here is a little list of some truly fabulous rums

Worthy Park Single Estate reserve

Hailing from Jamaica and is one of the first expressions of this distillery under its own name. it has been aged in ex bourbon barrels (6-10 years) and is 100% pot still distilled. It is very full bodied and a tasty 45% Abv.

Four Square Empery

Still in the Caribbean however this rum is from St Phillips Barbados and made by the very talented Richard Seal at the Four Square distillery. The Empery is a 14 year old rum double matured in ex bourbon and ex sherry utilizing a twin column Coffey still and a copper double retort pot still. At 56% Abv this is a serious rum however it is incredibly smooth and approachable.

Indica Rum

Slightly different and somewhat controversial is Indica Rum. This is a Botanical rum made with American and Caribbean rums which are a minimum of 8 years old then redistilled with the flowers of the Indica Plant which have been grown organically on the Channel Islands. Now for those of you who don’t know what Indica is, I will spare you the google search and say that is commonly know as Marijuana. I must stress this botanical is only added to extrat the flavour compounds called terpenes. None of the psychoactive (THC or CBD) components are selected during distillation just the grassy earthy flavours.

Rhum Neisson Agricole Blanc

Made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice which has been grown on the island of Martinique, it is then fermented and distilled in a single copper column still. This is an unaged rum and packs a punch at 50%Abv but hands down this has been our students favourite rum to use in Daiquiri’s and Mojito’s.

There are now numerous rums being made here in the UK by enterprising companies who are fermenting, distilling and ageing their rums here on UK shores. These are becoming more mainstream so keep an eye out for them and enjoy!


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