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Bartending Tips From An Imbibe Educator Of The Year Award Winner

A Time To Grow

There are many opportunities to join our industry especially now with so many businesses looking for staff of all skill sets. Now, more than ever there are some fantastic job vacancies, so if you are looking for a change in industry or this is your first foray into the service industry then choice abounds.

A Look Back At The Industry

The challenges for anyone entering now differ significantly from when I started over 23 years ago!

As an example in my first job, we had around 5 gins to play with (Gordan’s, Tanqueray, Beefeater, Plymouth and Bombay), now there are hundreds if not thousands of individual gin brands available to the consumer and bartender alike, simultaneously this explosion in choice is then mirrored across all the categories. This means that the amount of information required by the modern bartender compared to two decades ago has significantly increased.

Get That Knowledge!

Our main advice to anyone wishing to join the industry is to gain as many qualifications as possible, thus making yourself more desirable than the next person coming in for an interview.

So, keep yourself abreast of all this knowledge and consider some of the following courses. These courses are even eligible for funding (visit our WEBSITE for more information on what we offer).

- Personal License Course

- SIA Course (Security Professionals)

- De-escalation Courses

- First Aid

- Food Hygiene

- WSET courses on Wine, Sake and Spirits (we provide these at Mixology School)

- Bartender Courses (to get more info on funded courses click HERE)

- World Flair Association Grading

Obtaining any of the above accreditations will instantly make you more desirable as an employee and will help your CV to stand out from the rest.


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