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Spring is just around the corner.

With the days getting longer and more importantly warmer we can now start to begin to think of warm sunny days and enjoying drinks “al fresco”. With this reemergence back into the sunshine come drinks with edible flowers as a garnish. These are now widely availed through online stockists however taking advantage of a south-facing sunny spot could allow you to grow a variety of different edible flowers and plan it right you could have a continual harvest of beautiful flowers almost continuously.

All that is needed is a nice warm sunny spot and a propagator. Choosing which seeds to plant or to at least start to plant is very easy. Some plants like Viola and Pansy will happily flower all summer whereas other plants like the Sunflower will only really reach full potential at the end of the growing season.

We have found a mix of Viola and Pansy’s are great to top simple built drinks like the G&T or even to place on top of a foam-based cocktail such as the Clover Club. We also love the time of year when the herbs that we are growing start to flower with favorites being the deliciously delicate rosemary and the pungent thyme flowers.

So how easy is this project? A sunny spot, some soil, a couple of packets of seeds, and a propagator (or a clear plastic bag which you can place your plant pot into) is a good start. Some seeds require further help like specific temps to germinate so be sure to read the packets and give them the best possible start.

Once germinated and showing signs of “true Leaves” then it is time to re-pot. Take your time with this, as again good measures at the beginning of the process will ensure a bountiful harvest. Once repotted don’t place outside until well clear of the last frost unless of course you can put your plants into a cold frame or greenhouse. If you have the space replanting straight into the ground is better for the general wellbeing of the plant alternatively if using pots just be sure to water more frequently and use peat-free compost and some good quality top soil. Ensure they are placed in a sunny area and literally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This is a measure we will be implementing once again this year at our Mixology School. We hope with the very small but south-facing space we have to be self-sufficient for our courses. We aim to have an array of different flavoured mint (think chocolate to pineapple) as well as rosemary, basil, roses, lavender,

and fingers crossed some Cuca melons or mouse melons. Which look like mini watermelons yet have a citric/ cucumber taste. Great if paired with Borrage.

You can of course buy plants in just be sure to buy from reputable organic suppliers. If in doubt grow it yourself. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine.


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