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Raising the bar in hospitality 2022

2022 is off to a great start

Mixology Group has been training bartenders from our bespoke Mixology School in Hove for the last 6 years and around the world for the last 15. However, due to the “C” word this all came to a halt. We were lucky in that we managed to push our courses online and have delivered online courses both here in the UK and far-flung destinations like Tokyo, Johannesburg, and Mumbai.

2022 sees us focusing on the domestic market a little more and we have managed to make some amazing progress by aligning ourselves with some great partners.

Our first bit of good news is our partnership with The Drinks Trust and their program “DEVELOP” where we have teamed up to gain funding for our students. Develop is a funding pot that has come about as a direct response to the crisis in hospitality with many experiencing a significant lack of skilled staff due to multiple Covid lockdowns, Brexit, and a national talent drain. Beneficiaries are required to sign up directly via Develop HERE and then can apply for the training opportunity of their choosing.

Mixology Group is thrilled to be a part of this incredible funding initiative and would love to bring their Accredited Global Bartenders Certificate training to as many businesses and individuals as possible.

Kent Adult Education Response Program

We are pleased to announce our courses have been included in the Kent Education Response program as one of their courses available for their students to attend either in person or online. This is a continuation of our drive to get more young people involved in our industry with grassroots training being at the forefront of these

East Sussex College

We recently went to East Sussex College to deliver our Cocktail Masterclass program for 22 of their students. We took an array of different spirits and ingredients and showcased our take on some classical drinks including a vegan Clover Club. We had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the Specialty fine Food fair who then invited us to deliver our course to their students.

If you are interested in a course like this for your students get in touch.

We are passionate about attracting new people from all walks of life to our industry which we feel will help all of us to Raise the Bar.


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