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More Vermouth Please!

Lovely to see Vermouth hitting the news in 2019. At Mixology Group we have been delivering our Advanced Bartenders course from our training facility in Brighton for over 8 years now with a major part of that course being a focus on Vermouth, incorporating a DIY approach to how Vermouth is made as well as an extensive category tasting of over 20 samples.

Over that time we have had the fortune of coming across many new and emerging Vermouth Brands from Blackdown Vermouth, Dry Wermod to the Asterley Bros and Ferdinand’s Vermouth as well as established brands like Noilly and Martini.

This category continues to excite me with the emergence of local brands taking advantage of the continued rise in demand for English Wine and the availability of international brands becoming much much easier. The huge variance in flavour and of course the low abv aspect of it, means mixing in drinks or cocktails is now a viable alternative to traditional spirits.

Long may Vermouth Last!


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