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Top Ten buys for your home bar in lockdown

Mixology Group Top Ten buys for your home bar during Lockdown 3.0

We are always looking out for the next best thing, so here is our list for what we think should be the perfect way to restock your booze cabinets after the excess of December. They are a range of our favourite flavours made by some very talented people. Keep a look out for these and buy them when you can.

1 Spirit of the Downs (£30 for a 500ml bottle) We love working with local brands, especially if they are sustainable and come in a nice little package. Spirit of the Downs is Spirit of the Downs is a sustainable product using pressed grapes from small batch English sparkling wine production to create a unique craft spirit. After distillation, the pomace from Spirit of the Downs is used to feed the Sussex x Wagyu cattle and help fertilise the apple orchard at Trenchmore Farm in Sussex. They have also just received a Bronze from the IWSC which is further proof that you need this on your Lockdown list this year.

2 Pornstar Martini in a bottle (£20.53 for a 700ml bottle) There are many imitations of this very well know cocktail however this particular variant has been created by the man himself! None other than Mr Douglas Ankrah himself. Combining vanilla with passionfruit and can be enjoyed on its own, over ice or add to Sparkling wine to make a Pstar Spritz. Available from our good friends at the drinkshop

3 Fitz Sparkling Wine (£21 for a 750ml bottle) A fantastic Sparkling wine made in England that utilises the Charmat method (same way that Prosecco is made). We love their approach to wine making and of course their wine as well. They utilise the best grapes from around the country and then make and package it in Worthing! Couldn’t get more local for this delightful homegrown bubbly.

4 Don Papa 7 Spiced Rum (£33.34 for a 700ml bottle) This Spiced rum hails from the Philippines and the Island of Negros on the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon volcano. The sugar cane is fermented then distilled and blended with just a hint of Vanilla. We love the 7 year old but don’t be afraid to try any of their other expressions like the unusual Rye finish.

5 Vestal Vodka Black Cherry/ Raspberry and Blackcurrant (£21.89 for a 700ml bottle) We have been big fans of Vestal vodka for a while now so when these two new flavoured versions arrived through our letterbox we couldn’t wait to try them. And we are so glad we did as they are without doubt one of the best things we have tried this year. The Black cherry is sublime, and the Raspberry and Blackcurrant is incredibly authentic. Fantastic with soda or in a cocktail.

6 Mrs Betters Bitters Miraculous Foamer (£24.16 for a 120ml bottle) We have been making and enjoying egg based drinks for along time, however when we came across this little beauty we instantly switched. Easier to use, vegan friendly able to be stored at room temperature means this should be part of every home bartenders “Cocktail Essentials” store room AKA the “Booze Cupboard”. A couple of drops of this will help to add that all important luxurious foam on top of your drink.

7 Victorix Tomato knife (£6.50) A sharp knife means no accidents (well touch wood) and we have been huge fans of this knife for well over a decade now. Sharp and with colour coded handles means you can have a knife for every use! We prefer the black handled ones but you can choose whatever you fancy.

8 Citrus press (£7.39) The only piece of equipment other than a sharp knife you really need. These are game changers, allowing you to extract as much juice as possible from your fresh citrus. Fast quick and easy a must buy for any budding Mixologists out there

9 Tarsier Khao San Gin (£37.95 for a 700ml bottle) Inspired by the infamous Khao San road in Bangkok and bottled at 41.2% Abv as a little nod to the length of the road. Lovely and spicy, this should definitely wake you up in the New Year.

10 Boe Spiced Orange liqueur (£16.95 for a 500ml bottle) Packed with citrus notes and Festive spices this little number is an awesome addition to any cocktail if you are looking to give it a twist. We love this in a Spiced Cosmo or in a spiced up Margarita.


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