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This 6 hour classroom-based course has been designed for experienced mixologists to give them the training and knowledge required to be able to confidently take their serves to the next level.

You will have the opportunity to create dramatic drinks using dry ice, add some glamour using a smoke gun, make your drinks pop using the bubble gun, and get creative with ice. 

Course Requirements

This course is suitable for bartenders and enthusiasts with a good knowledge of cocktails. Graduates of Global Bartenders Certificate or our Working Mixology Course are welcome, as are experienced bartenders.

Learning Outcomes

Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

  • To confidently use dry ice and dry ice specific equipment with cocktails

  • To confidently use a smoking gun with cocktail creation

  • To understand how to use a bubble gun

  • To confidently use an ice stamp

Upcoming courses:  11am - 5pm


  • 9th March

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