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Good training is key to Mixology Group possess an impressive record in the training arena, having trained at home and abroad for 18 years.

We have had a hand in training thousands of bartenders and establishing thorough training programs for businesses which then go on to flourish. the success of any enterprise. Both at the start-up phase and during the entire life of your business, maintaining a well-trained team can be one of the greatest challenges you will face.

We have developed a modular package of training solutions, including cocktail courses to intensive service training, that can be deployed in almost any environment and tailored to the needs of your business, which are ideal when you need to make urgent improvements to the quality and delivery of your products and services.

So if you are starting something new or have an existing business that is in need of some outstanding training. Or if you need to develop a new in-house training program tailored for your operation, then look no further!

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